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Disability Equality Scotland


  • We are a national charity working to make life more accessible, equal and inclusive for disabled people in Scotland.
  • We promote access in its widest sense, including access to the built and natural environment and access to the same opportunities as are enjoyed by others in our communities thus promoting a life of dignity, respect, choice and independence. This extends beyond physical access to include access to information, access to inclusive communication and inclusion in decision-making, whether with planners over inclusive design or transport providers about accessible travel.
  • We represent the views of individuals with any type of impairment, as well as disability organisations and groups who share Disability Equality Scotland’s values.
  • We are the umbrella organisation for all disability Access Panels in Scotland, providing them with support and guidance to improve the lives of disabled people at a local level throughout Scotland.
  • We are membership led. If you are an individual or an organisation, you can join our membership link icon for FREE and help to further our aims. We work to influence the policies of the Scottish Government, which affect how disabled people live and we work to encourage others to be inclusive and informed in their attitudes towards disabled people.